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Business Administration Alumni | Digital Marketing |  Government Administration | Music and Media Research Background | Blockchain Specialist

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I like to read, listen to music, and watch (too many, one might say) movies and series – I write about them on my blog about movies

In 2011 I created a home recording community back in Romania. In 2018 I translated most of the content and an e-book about… home-recording in English. Now, whenever I have some free time, I’m developing the community around Home Recording Studio Canada.

I also write on my personal blogs (on top of the one from the website, because there I write about other stuff than digital marketing):

Medium (in English) and Blogger (in Romanian, not that often lately, but it has an English name 🤗 – TheEmLog )



A Longer Description

Hi, I’m Emanuel, and I’m a passionate SEO specialist and digital marketer. More than 10 years ago, I discovered my passion for marketing when I successfully managed my recording studio and record label. I started the studio while I was in high school, and since then, it became my full-time entrepreneurial business. I was on a budget (read close to no-budget), which compelled me to learn the skills necessary to succeed and promote my music and brand.

Back then, the resources were limited and not available in my native language, and most of them did not apply to that market. However, I managed to learn PR techniques and writing proper press releases, such as using high-quality photos and deducting which information was relevant. I also mastered the skills to develop and maintain relationships with key industry people.

I became highly efficient using industry-specific software (Steinberg Cubase, Acid, Reason for recording and music production, and Vegas Pro for video production).



Moreover, I used WordPress, Google Analytics, and SEO, which resulted in higher exposure for my artists and my business. I was number one for the term “recording studio” for more than 3 years. Having no budget made me learn how important links are and how impactful keywords and keyword-description are.

Using all available channels, I was able to take advantage of the emerging revolutionary tools, which are now called social media. I have successfully produced music videos with millions of views. I toured in more than 250 live shows as a supporting DJ and also performed at festivals. While managing artists, I was in charge of negotiating contracts, tours, and promotional appearances. I received a Business Administration degree while I worked for the largest TV advertising and media research company (Kantar WPP).

The skills I acquired aided with consultancy referrals for insurance companies. In my role, I set their presence online, from building the website to implementing digital marketing strategies (SEO, blogging, social media, podcasting, etc.). All those skills enabled me to reach their business goals successfully. In 2017, I immigrated to Canada and started working full-time exclusively as a digital marketing consultant. I am an avid learner, and I take passion in everything I do. I experiment with a new tool each month, such as CRMs, Social Media Management systems, design, sharing, email marketing communication, time management, and project management apps.

Since 2020 I’ve volunteered as the marketing manager for IWA – Immigrant Writers Association, and been featured as a published author on its second anthology, Grow Together.

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