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Are you tired of feeling stuck when it comes to SEO audits? Do you need help to provide real value to your clients or make a meaningful impact with your SEO campaigns? Now, you have a comprehensive solution ready for you.

SEO Audit Course Testimonials

Average Course Rating - 4.9

What you’ll Learn in this SEO Audit Masterclass

Comprehensive SEO Audit Techniques

You’ll learn how to conduct in-depth SEO audits for clients or in-house projects, covering technical, on-page, and off-page aspects using the industry-standard MOZ template and scale.

Mastering Technical SEO

A deep knowledge of analyzing site architecture, crawlability, and indexability, and learning how to leverage tools like Google Search Console to assess and enhance your website's technical SEO performance.

On-Page SEO Optimization

You’ll learn the essentials of keyword research, meta tags, and content optimization. You'll also learn how to use the MOZ template effectively and scale to conduct on-page SEO audits that boost search visibility.

Effective Reporting and Recommendations

You will master the art of presenting your audit findings to clients or internal teams. You will learn how to create actionable recommendations to enhance SEO performance, driving increased website traffic and revenue.

Hands-on Experience with SEO Tools

Throughout the course, you will gain practical experience using industry-standard SEO tools such as MOZ, Screaming Frog Google Search Console, and many more, empowering you with the skills to efficiently analyze, track, and improve website performance.

A new and effective approach to SEO Auditing!

Clients are always looking for actionable insights, and the only ones with sound knowledge of SEO audits and the industry can provide insights that can have a meaningful impact on skyrocketing revenue. 

Your potential clients will never say NO to you! The techniques you will learn in this course will allow you to run an audit like an expert and present it to your client. You will become a go-to person for SEO audits, and your clients will rave about you.

How will this SEO Audit Course Polish your Skills?

Unshakeable Confidence

With a deep understanding of SEO audits, you’ll speak with authority and clarity. No more struggling to explain your strategies to clients. You'll speak with authority and clarity.

Agency brilliance

If you’re an agency owner, you’ll learn to empower your team to deliver top-tier SEO audits that set your agency apart. Watch as your agency's reputation and client base grow exponentially.

Career Advancement

This course opens doors to new openings, promotions, and higher-paying positions. You'll become the professional everyone turns to for SEO expertise. The possibilities are endless!

Financial freedom

With the ability to gain higher fees for your services, you'll enjoy a substantial increase in income. You'll have the financial freedom to pursue your passions.

Personal Satisfaction

Beyond professional gains, mastering SEO audits can bring personal satisfaction. Knowing that your work directly contributes to the success of businesses is incredibly rewarding.

What you will get?

Course Detail!

Sections: 13

Lectures: 84

Total length: 4h 24m

Access: Lifetime

Refund: 30-Day money-back guarantee!

Interactive Coaching

You will get real-time interactive coaching. It’ll help you expand your knowledge with instant insights from an experienced instructor.

Learn with Practical Examples

You will get hands-on practice and interactive exercises to hone your skills. So you can tackle real-world SEO audits.

Flexible learning opportunity

Acquire knowledge at your preferred pace and access our course materials effortlessly using Udemy’s user-friendly online platform.

Seasoned Instructors

The instructor offers firsthand expertise and real-world insights to provide you with an invaluable learning journey.

SEO Auditing Certificate

Upon completing Udemy’s course, you will get an SEO auditing certification issued by Udemy, showcasing your mastery of the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel.

Finally, meet the instructor!
Emanuel Petrescu!

Search Engine Optimization – SEO and digital marketing consultant from Toronto, Canada, with more than ten years of experience helping small to medium-sized businesses with increasing organic traffic or, on their way to becoming big businesses. “I started learning digital marketing out of a need for my own business a while back, and I’ve been successfully consulting others to get better results from their online presence.


An SEO audit is the process of evaluating a website’s content, structure, and technical elements to determine ways to improve its search engine visibility and ranking.

Anyone who wants to learn how to improve a website’s search engine ranking and visibility can benefit from taking an SEO audit course, including digital marketers, web developers, and business owners.

An SEO audit course can teach you advanced techniques and best practices for improving website search engine ranking and visibility, provide practical examples and exercises for honing your skills, and offer real-time feedback from industry experts and instructors.

My SEO audit course is an online, self-paced learning experience that covers a wide range of topics and techniques for SEO auditing, including site structure, content, on-page optimization, mobile-friendliness, and more.

Yes! You can earn certification issued by Udemy when you complete the course, to demonstrate mastery of the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this field.

My SEO audit course is designed for students who have some basic SEO knowledge, who know what an SEO title, meta description or how a website operates, basic JavaScript knowledge, Google Search Console, etc. 

SEO Audit course is a great deal to take if you want to see yourself as an SEO expert, have a basic knowledge of SEO, but are still confused about how to upscale your game and become a master in SEO auditing!