All You Need To Know About Podcast – And Why You Should Consider Starting One

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 09:29 pm

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Podcasts – one of the greatest tools for your marketing. Regardless of your business or your position in your organization, in 2022, podcasts should be a solid part of your marketing campaign. Some pay up to 50000USD to appear as a guest on a popular podcast

Even if you’re not doing it for your business, you can do it for a hobby or expertise you have in a field that you want to share with whoever might be interested out there (and believe me, they are).

Here are some examples of some real niche and successful podcasts: there’s one about stationery products and another on how to breed chameleons.

Also, it builds up your brand, your expertise, authority and trust (or EAT, something that Google emphasizes a lot these days – and it’s ok to do so).

Podcasts are not just for small to medium size businesses or for entrepreneurs. Big corporate businesses or Universities across the globe successfully incorporated podcasts’ sponsorships and creation into their strategy.

There’s a market for everything and the more you focus on a specific channel and develop expertise in an area that is a niche, the most likely you will become an authority in that field. Starting a podcast on that subject goes hand in hand with starting a blog. Usually, bloggers who developed a community around their topic started podcasting (or vice versa in some rare cases).

Now, let’s be honest: developing a community around a blog takes time. There are really no shortcuts around it. You’ll need to create content, customize images, promote them, create a lead magnet incentive for your community to sign-up on your list/newsletter, like a free e-book and so much more.

This is still a successful pathway, although it was more successful 10 to 15 years ago.

These are all very important steps that you need to implement in order to succeed. In the meantime, you can start a podcast. There are several reasons why podcasts are so popular nowadays.

Here’s why starting your own podcast right now is a great idea:

Speaking is easier than writing or audio is easier than text (for the majority of people). Because writing is not that easy as it might seem. Of course, it comes naturally when you’re writing on a subject that you know and master, but in general, to put together a good piece of content (meaning doing the research, keywords, and competition, adding images and link strategy) can take up to several weeks.

Yes, that’s right. Ask any successful blogger how much time they put in. I learned that writing something is more difficult than speaking – even if it’s an email from a client who wants to describe something to me, he prefers a call. Also, even for a professional writer (I don’t include myself here), a blank page can be daunting. But again, if you have expertise on something, speaking about it will come naturally. It’s also the human touch of it.

Audio is easier than video (for some). The catch is that you can easily turn a video into audio. You can also turn an audio file into a video – like a slideshow or a dynamic presentation. But in order to serve your audience a high-quality content package, you will need to invest in some video equipment (including the camera, lights, mics, etc).

You don’t want to have a shady image (as in not bright enough) or your audio to sound like you’re in the washroom (as many videos on YouTube do). That being said, you’ll be surprised by what high-quality audio and image a simple smartphone (that you already have) can produce nowadays. Don’t be scared to embrace technology, but most importantly, don’t let the fact that you might not have the proper equipment delay you from taking action today.

Audio can be listened to when you cannot read or watch a video, like commuting for example. Driving or taking the subway, more and more people these days turn to podcasts to enhance their knowledge during the transition period so that it doesn’t seem wasted – you don’t want to know how many long ways I took or extra stations I remained or got off earlier and walked just to be able to finish the episode I was listening to.

From a podcast you can repurpose content in multiple ways:

Small chunks of audio for preview to push on Social Media.

The transcript can easily be turned into text content for a blog post – you can use a service like where you can upload the audio and get the transcript in no time. I have been using lately, a service that does the same thing but for free (up to a limit of characters, more than enough for a single podcast per week).

The final product is not as good as Revs’, but it’s all automated – Artificial Intelligence behind this service, whereas Rev uses a human to adapt the text.

When you upload a video file on YouTube, the service creates automatic CC for the video; you can take the transcript from there – you will need to adapt it, but it’s a free service that you can benefit from (and I highly recommend you edit anything that’s automatic, you won’t belive what the algorithm interprets – some funny, some offending).

Quotes and action points from the podcasts

You can create graphics with quotes from the podcast episode and push them on social media. You can also create action points and checklists + the show notes that people can download.

Podcasting is a billion-dollar industry (and part of a solid digital marketing strategy) – worldwide, that is. In North America, it’s half a billion/year. In China, 6 to 8 billion.

These are just some basic bullet points why I recommend starting a podcast for your business. Even if you think you’re not ready, you could start by listening to others and do what they do.

Steal the template; do what they do. It’s much easier than you might think.

While venturing into the world of podcasting, it’s essential to ensure that your podcast name or logo doesn’t infringe on existing trademarks. A crucial step before launching your podcast is to conduct a trademark search. This search will help you identify if your chosen name or logo is already in use or trademarked by someone else. By doing so, you can avoid potential legal complications and ensure that your podcast stands out uniquely in the market. Remember, your podcast’s branding is vital for its success, and ensuring it’s legally protected can save you from future hassles. Not sure where to start? Here’s a free trademark search tool.

What software do you need to start a podcast?

For basic editing, you can use a software tool like GarageBand (for Mac users) or Audacity for Windows to do it.

Since I have a music production background, I use Studio One from Presonus, the free version. It offers most of the features that I need to record and edit a podcast, but it might be overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with music production software.

It’s really easy. Remember, you don’t need to do much editing (at first).

You can outsource this work for a couple of bucks on a website like and pay someone anywhere from 10$ to 50$ per episode. Here, you need your negotiation skills.

From there, you can also hire someone to read your intro and outro (if that’s the case for your podcast). I personally don’t like the podcasts where the hosts talk about themselves to the third person. Wouldn’t it sound funny if I were to say “Emanuel did this and Emanuel has received that”?

There are also podcast communities out there that provide free advice and feedback on any technical or administrative question you might have. I am a member of this one and I recommend you join it if you’re planning to do editing by yourself.

As for audio, if you want to add an intro and outro, you can use some royalty-free music. I will let you do the research on that, but know, YouTube has a decent library that you can use… for free.

How often should you podcast?

I’m not even sure if that’s the right expression.

There’s no real-time frame. Probably, like blogging, you should do it as often as you need to do it. It’s recommended to do it on a regular basis. A good idea is to imitate the frequency of the podcasts you’re listening to.

Here are some interesting stats from a blog post that Databox did in regards to podcasts:

databox podcast frequency study chart

How much does it cost to start a podcast?

There’s no budget for it. Except, of course, time, which is the most valuable resource.

Is a podcast profitable?

It can be. It’s not always the podcast itself that can bring you money, but the expertise and authority you get by being a host of one. Your listeners find your 

How do you distribute your podcast?

How to promote your podcast?

  • audiogram


What podcasts do I listen to?

Probably my favourite part of this article. I’ve been an avid podcast listener since 2017. I’m a digital marketer, so most podcasts I follow are in the digital marketing space, with a couple of exceptions with blockchain/crypto podcasts. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning that lately, I’ve been consuming more content on YouTube – and it’s fair to say that podcasters have made available more content via YouTube as well. Because I consider a podcast the format of one’s show, the distribution platform is subject to personal preference – Android users won’t subscribe via Apple Podcast. A Spotify premium user is more likely to listen to his podcasts in there. I use Google Podcasts, and since we’re staying at home most of the time, YouTube. So here’s my list of podcasts that I listen to. 

Note that not all podcasts are still running. Some are paused but still on my lists. 

Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips by Eric Siu & Neil Patel

I don’t think there’s an SEO who has worked with a client and never received an email from that client, email that included a Neil Patel blog post/video, usually saying how you can increase your traffic by optimizing your website to convert more (title tags, meta descriptions, speed, etc). And I don’t believe there’s an SEO who’s never irritated by these emails/comments. It feels like going to the doctor and handing him a piece of GQ magazine where it says that drinking I don’t know what fruit punch increases your immunity. 

Ok, rambling up here is cheaper than therapy so I’m done. I follow Neil Patel for some time now and his contribution to Digital Marketing is under no question. For four years now, he partnered up with another digital marketer, Eric Siou, and they deliver the Marketing School Podcast daily. That’s right, 5 to 7 minutes daily episodes about all stuff regarding marketing. SEO, social media, paid advertising, conversion, funnels, emails, podcasts, you name it. Simple and straightforward answers and action points that anyone can take action (aka send the episode link to your SEO person). 

Listen here

The Top – SaaS Interviews with CEOs, Startups, Founders – Nathan Latka

If Natan Latka ever runs for president (in a country where I will be able to vote), he’ll get my support. It seems like he’s kind of doing that, getting the stage ready, by interacting with CEOs, mostly startup founders – aka the ones who are changing the economy – and the world, and the ones who a future president would need the support of. 

Volume is important and Nathan has volume – feels like each day a new episode is released. And for an immigrant in North America who’s in the business sector (not directly), listening for 3 months to this podcast, felt like at least 1 full year of college (see how rapidly I adapted, saying college instead of University how an East European emigrant would say – in case you didn’t get it, the immigrant is me).  

His guests are from all over the world, from the all-business facts of life – software, services and products, varying from young teenagers in the blockchain space to senior close to retirement engineers who decided to give a shot to their idea. Basically, it’s worth subscribing to this podcast. Period. 

Listen here

Growth Marketing Today – Ramli John

Ramli John is one of the first digital marketing thought leaders I met after moving to Toronto. He used to teach a digital marketing course at a now-defunct independent academy. He held a free workshop where I signed up. It also coincided with the period when he launched his podcast, Growth Marketing Today. 

I’ve been following Ramli’s growth closely and I can honestly say he’s one of the most influential people in digital marketing from Toronto. He recently released his first book – Product-Led Onboarding – and he’s focusing more on the software product aspect of digital marketing. 

His podcast guests are from a plethora of categories, but most have the terms “growth” and “hack” in their titles. It’s the only podcast (that I follow) which have mid-level people from agencies and enterprises, people that make a difference, and most of the time, don’t get the credit. Hubspot, Ahrefs, Spotify, just to name a few of the brands in the guest’s resumes. I highly recommend following Ramli closely, as he is to become a worldwide thought leader soon. 

Listen here

Marketing Speak – Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer is the authority when it comes to anything in regards to Search Engine Optimization. Among many endeavours, he is the co-author of The Art Of SEO, the only book worth having to anything related to SEO. He also authored Google Power Search, a nifty handbook with straight-to-the-point action tips on how Google operates and how you can become a better Google user (lots of great features that the search engine has are not used by most users) and inevitably, a better SEO professional. 

I am (mostly) an SEO so it only came naturally to follow his podcast(s). Not only that he has a podcast, but he is also extremely disciplined and has top guests in regards to ALL aspects of the marketing. From Tim Ferris, Seth Goding, Jay Abraham and Robert Cialdini, just to name a few of his guests, Stephan’s podcast is the first podcast I listen to when I see a new episode popping up – and they are posted regularly.

Also, the website is an inspiration, having the transcription, show notes, and links to what it’s discussed during the episode. 

Listen here

Get Yourself Optimized – Stephan Spencer 

The same Stephan Spencer from Marketing Speak has been prolific in producing great content, not only for SEO and Marketing but for a better lifestyle as well. And the name makes perfect sense, coming from Stephan, and also about the podcast subject – a better life. Simply as that. I have to mention that the original title was Optimized Geek, not a bad name, but definitely, the new one has a greater impact. 

I have learned tremendously from his guests, which varies from financial to health, nutrition, exercise, learning, and everything that can make my life better. From tax cuts (mostly available in N. America) to what supplements and how many you should take and when, simply amazing. 

Listen here

Bacon-Wrapped Business – Sizzling Hot Business Advice Guaranteed To Make You Fat… PROFITS! – Brad Costanzo

I first heard about Brad after interviewing Stephan Spencer on his podcasts, and I liked his style and the subject he addressed. A regular internet entrepreneur, Brad brings to the table real-life experiences and business, something that is more attainable to mere mortals

It’s not like you can’t take inspiration from Seth Godin, but the reality is that not all of us are Seth or can relate to him. On the other hand, Brad and his guests are regular people with irregular 

Listen here

In The Arena – Anthony Iannarino 

I learned a lot about sales from Anthony Iannarino. I’ve subscribed to his blog as soon as he launched it – sometime in 2011 I believe. I learned about him from Chris Brogan, who praised Anthony’s knowledge and work power. For a couple of years, he wrote a blog post daily. 

He introduced me to lots of concepts that were popular and had a legacy in the North American world but were little known or popular in East Europe. Things have changed since, but my journey was highly influenced by Anthony. I learned about what sales are and how to develop the network you need to succeed. I also learned a lot of personal stuff from Anthony – that the only TV showed he watched is GoT, that he likes Starbucks coffee (as much as it is – until he had some heart troubles, then he – hopefully – slowed down), and other personal stuff. We had developed a relationship, without him probably knowing that. But we occasionally had small conversations via LinkedIn. 

It made sense to add his podcast to my list the moment he launched it. 

Listen here

Future Proof – Kantar and Saïd Business School, Oxford University

A great, probably the best example of how a corporate podcast should be done. Two massive entities, leaders in their field – Kantar media, world largest advertiser, and Saïd Business School, Oxford University kind of say it all. Valuable insights from people with big numbers on their payslips. 

I have worked for Kantar for almost three years so it’s normal that I follow the company so as soon as they launched this podcast, I subscribed and did the effort of listening to each episode regularly. Insights that you wouldn’t get from anywhere else, and honestly, people paid money for this information. Remember, these are the guys that manage the biggest advertising budgets, and they do so for a reason. 

Listen here

Part of the reason why I followed Kantar closely is that its founder, Sir Martin Sorrell, is one of my mentors (he doesn’t know it). I will probably write a separate post about Sir Martin and hopefully, get to meet him one day and do business. He departed Kantar somewhere around 2018 and founded S4, rapidly growing and challenging Kantar’s supremacy. 

The Science Of Social Media – Buffer

We’re all using too much social media. We should use it wisely. And who better learn from Buffer, one of my favourite social media management apps. 

Listen here

Planet Money – By NRP

This is an interesting show. Journalism at its purest. Investigationw, research, and everything there required from a show from the National network. I’ve discovered some interesting series and listen to this podcast every now and then when I need something cool, interesting, but not Digital Marketing related. 

Listen here

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is an authority in the SEO field. It’s like the Daily News for Search Engine optimization. And why not having a podcast? Better yet, why not follow it, to hear from industry experts on the latest and greatest? 

Listen here

The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Sometime back when I discovered the world of podcasts, I typed in my search Best SEO podcast. This one came up. I’ve been listening to it every now and then and I particularly liked an idea of theirs: taking a (popular) SEO article and analyzing/breaking it down to pieces. Also, I’ve learned a lot about the details and the work you need to actually put in order to get results. 

Listen here

Local SEO Today – John Vuong and Roger Murphy

I support as much as I can local businesses and projects. And this is one of Toronto’s finest, from a professional in the field. I have met one of the co-hosts, John Vuong, at an event he hosted, sponsored by SEMRush. We exchange messages occasionally but I do follow him and take his activity as an example. As the name says, the podcasts is mostly about SEO, from a local businesses perspective. 

Listen here

Freedom Lifestyle Podcast – Sam Laliberte

Again a local podcast, by Sam Laliberte, someone I’ve met while doing research on local influencers and thought leaders. Around the same time Ramli launched his Growth Today podcast, Sam launched Freedom Lifestyle, along with several workshops and (free) seminars about how you can launch your podcast. 

As of this writing (June 2021), three years later, my podcast is still not launched, but it’s getting closer than ever. My schedule didn’t allow me to signup for Sam’s mastermind, but it’s something on my list that will happen, most likely, next year. 

Sam’s podcast is about, as the name says, freedom lifestyle entrepreneurialism. Many people dream of quitting their corporate jobs and doing something they love. Sam did that and teaches others how to do so. 

Listen here

The True Act Podcast – Gavand and Sabrina

Yet another local podcast, with two co-hosts that I know. As we know, the world is small. I attended a 3-day course where Gavand was also present, only to see him a week or two later, in my Toastmasters club, saying he and Sabrina (a Toastmaster colleague) are a couple. 

Gavan is also an actor, most recently saw on Netflix’s Working Moms, and Sabrina is a spiritual healer and a teacher.  

They also launched, around the same time, a podcast that talks about life – from spiritual, history, to most recent mortgage and financial topics, a personal podcast from two of Toronto’s finest. 

Listen here


Truly a podcast about Bitcoin and blockchain for everyone. Easy to understand conversations, and every now and then some interesting guests are featured. A way to discover what the blockchain is all about and how it impacts our lives. There have been several times when important projects were announced or first discussed on this podcast. 

Listen here

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Crypto and blockchain are still like the internet in the ‘90s. People want Netflix, and that’s just not possible. Why? You need to explore the space to better understand, and all roads inevitably will lead to this podcast at one point. 

Listen here

Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran

I love all the sharks. I follow them on Insta. All of them have, more or less, some form of a show. But I only subscribed to Barabara’s Corcoran. She’s the type of entrepreneur that I want to be more of. As Barbara is pretty well known, there’s not much to talk about. She takes calls during these shows, answers pertinent questions with real-life examples for answers. Worth following. 

Listen here

The Prof G Pod – Scott Galloway 

Remember how I said I’m following Sir Martin Sorell? In one of the available videos on YouTube, he was interviewed in a public discussion by Scott Galloway, an NYU marketing 

Professor (he often talks trash at his employer and the educational system), about marketing and the state of the tech world. Prof. Galloway is pro-splitting up the big 4 (Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon – noticed how I listed them alphabetically) when Sir Martin said that’s not the best idea. 

The idea is that I discovered prof. G and I went ahead and followed him ever since (roughly 1 year already). I haven’t yet been disappointed, considering that I have consumed most of everything he has put online available – two podcasts, 1 newsletter, articles, and guests on different shows. I bought his books and most likely will enrol in one of his courses. 

As said, he has two podcasts. The prof G Show is more of a personal show where the host has a guest that matters in all the aspects of life – Worlds’s Finest. Simple as that. Thought leadership. If I was to pick a single podcast to listen to from all the listed here, this would be the one.  

Listen here

Pivot – Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

The same Scott Galloway, partnering up with Kara Swisher, on a weekly show that talks about what’s important to the economy, marketing, government, global, and many more. One time they had a guest who talked about space exploration and how Marsh colonization is further away than we imagined. So you guess the calibre of this show as well. 

Listen here

Digital Marketing Podcast

The last one added to my list, based on some suggestions. Quite interesting, as it covers a plethora of digital marketing topics. 

Listen here

T-Marketer Podcast – TBA – signup for this newsletter’s updates here. I promise you, it’s worthwhile.  

Search News You Can Use Podcast with Marie Haynes 

Marie is a powerhouse from Canada and her podcast is a must for anyone working in SEO.


Emanuel Petrescu

Emanuel Petrescu is an accomplished SEO specialist based in Toronto, Canada. He is a digital marketing wizard, offering digital marketing services for more than 10 years, consulting corporate clients, small business owners and other independent professionals enhancing their online presence.
Read Emanuel's full bio

Emanuel Petrescu

Emanuel Petrescu is an accomplished SEO specialist based in Toronto, Canada. He is a digital marketing wizard, offering digital marketing services for more than 10 years, consulting corporate clients, small business owners and other independent professionals enhancing their online presence.
Read Emanuel's full bio